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Hyperloop would Replace Air Freight

Hyperloop would replace all of the air freight in five countries; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and might generate $12 billion a year in revenue.

The world’s first Hyperloop cargo line in the UAE would form the basis of a system that would eventually haul 22% of the surface freight shipped in the Gulf Council Cooperation region, a presentation from Hyperloop One revealed.

The Council is an organization similar to the European Common Market in the region. The company made the revelation at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit in Abu Dhabi on March 28, 2017.

If that was not enough Hyperloop might even haul 13% of the cargo now shipped by sea in the region, Tech Crunch reported. The presentation was apparently an effort to convince investors and governments that Hyperloop can be profitable.

The first planned commercial Hyperloop route would link Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. That route is apparently designed as the first spoke of a system to link the entire region.

This revelation is the first set of numbers we’ve heard from Hyperloop One. Since it’s pretty theoretical it must only be regarded as an estimate.

The numbers are part of Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd’s focus on freight. His team has even described Hyperloop as “Amazon Prime on Steroids” in the past. Lloyd’s plan is to focus on moving freight which is the most profitable area of transportation first.

If the claims about the numbers are true, this means Hyperloop would replace much of the world’s air freight including the services in the United States. That would greatly reduce shipping costs and help the environment by eliminating thousands of tons of greenhouse gases from the air. It would also eliminate the market for jet fuel and bankrupt a few oil companies.

Influencers, Hyperloop One Wants You

Hyperloop One is looking for a few good influencers to evangelize its technology to the world. Influencers are apparently politicians, writers, journalists, businesspeople and others who will work to promote the Hyperloop.

Interested parties should pay a visit to Hyperloop One’s Influencer Program page and sign up to become a Hyperloop Pioneer. The company is also recruiting influencers, consultants and technology experts as well as companies with geographic reach.