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ICO Aims to Fix Advertising

There are a lot of ambitious initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs) around these days but none seems to have a bigger goal than the AdBank Network. The team behind the ADB Token believes they can “fix” many of the problems with the advertising industry.

They think their AdBank platform can weed out the bots; or algorithms, that account for an estimated 56% of website traffic and end scourge of digital-advertising fraud. The cost of digital advertising in fraud alone was projected to grow to $16.4 billion worldwide in 2017 by Adloox the Audit Verification Company.

An equally ambitious goal is to eliminate the middlemen from the advertising market. Association of National Advertisers CEO Bob Liodice believes middlemen might be taking up to 75% of the profits from digital advertising, AdBank’s whitepaper noted.

How AdBank Aims to Fix Digital Advertising

AdBank’s plan is to create an Ethereum-based marketplace where publishers can sell advertising space directly to advertisers cutting out the middleman. The hope is that this will reduce costs and increase transparency.

They also plan to use a patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) Oracle solution to weed out fraudulent traffic created by bots. The idea here is to create higher value traffic that will increase the price of the ADB token.

Another portion of the plan calls for the acquisition of existing advertising networks and ad agencies. Those entities’ traffic will be added to the AdBank platform in order to increase ADB liquidity and drive proven traffic to the ecosystem.

Skeptics will wonder how AdBank can work; after all advertising has been “broken” and rife with fraud for a long time. The sleazy tactics, fake numbers, and greedy middlemen plaguing the digital advertising sphere today are reminiscent of the status quo in newspaper advertising back in the 1990s.

Common tactics used by newspaper ad salespeople back then; included fake subscriptions that were used to inflate circulation figures and advertising prices. Some of the same methodology used in newspapers in the bad old days is employed by today’s digital-advertising fraudsters.

An Experienced Team

The truth is nobody knows, but AdBank’s co-founders think they can at least partially fix digital advertising with their technology. To their credit, the AdBank Network co-founders have some serious real-world experience in advertising, branding, and marketing.

CEO Jon Gillham claims to have generated a six-figure income by owning over 6,000 websites. Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Chiron Bramberger built vertically integrated marketing software for General Motors. He’s also worked for such diverse clients as NASA, eBay, Groupon, and the FBI.

Another Cofounder Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Angelo Dodaro is a marketing agency owner who has done brand work for Tesla Motors and TIFF. Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Kelsey Cole is a digital agency owner who was formerly head of PR at Revlon Canada. She also did Brand work for Tesla, Tiff, Red Bull, L’Oreal, Garnier and Red Bull.

Other weapons in AdBank’s arsenal for the war on ad fraud include several patents in digital advertising and Ethereum. The details of all of those patents are available in AdBank’s white paper.

AdBank Test Begins Next Year

The world may learn if advertising can be fixed in March 2018 when the AdBank Network Platform is scheduled for launch. An Alpha Preview of the Network is underway right now for those are interested.

An initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) of the ADB Tokens is scheduled for December 14, 2017, to January 21, 2018. AdBank hopes to raise 71,500 worth of Ethereum (ETH) with a circulating supply of 102,000 ETH through the sale.

One use for these tokens will be to reward publishers and others that help detect digital advertising fraud. Another will be to raise funds for advertising network acquisition.

Combatting digital advertising fraud is a huge task. Hopefully, AdBank will at least be able to put a dent in the problem, because it is getting worse.

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To see a few of the disgusting details of the extent of the advertising fraud problem visit Adloox’s website at:

Correction: this article has been altered because the dates of the ADB Token sale have been changed.