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By Nebeus, on August 14, 2018


Although cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as commodities right now, most crypto holders are still not using cryptocurrencies as they were intended to be used – as a transactional medium.


So, how can cryptocurrencies begin to be treated and transacted as real money? Is there a need for massive reform in the financial industry? No, not now that Nebeus Crypto Bank is making the process of spending your hard earned money (fiat or crypto) a pleasurable reality via their crypto debit cards.


The benefits of cryptocurrencies are widely understood. Due to their decentralized nature, they are freed from the arbitrary dictatorships of any one central authority, many are anonymous and can’t be used to gather a user’s information without their consent, they cannot be counterfeited, many are limited in supply and so can be seen as anti-inflationary, and these are just some of the clearest advantages that cryptocurrencies have over traditional fiat currencies.

However, despite these advantages, cryptocurrencies are currently burdened with one drawback — inaccessibility — that prevents them from being adopted on a mass scale. As of now, there are only a few retailers that accept cryptocurrencies directly as payment.


Furthermore, even converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currency is a generally complex task. In most cases, you have to trade the cryptocurrencies on an exchange platform, transfer them to another platform that supports bank transfers, convert them to fiat currency, and then send them to your bank account before being able to use them. It is a long winded process that most people would rather avoid.


However, Nebeus Crypto Bank is all set to change that landscape with the introduction of their Nebeus Crypto Debit Cards.


What is Nebeus Crypto Bank?


Nebeus Crypto Bank is a London-based peer-to-peer digital bank that provides users with a range of cryptocurrency-related services such as buying, selling, storing, lending, and borrowing.


It is one of the world’s first platforms that allows users to avail themselves of instant cryptocurrency or fiat currency loans by placing Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral. There is no credit check required, the users receive the loan within a period of 24 hours, and they incur a low interest rate of just 20%.


Nebeus Crypto Bank is driven by a desire to enhance the overall applicability and accessibility of cryptocurrencies. Facilitating crypto-collateral loans is a part of that overall objective. However, it is the introduction of their Nebeus Crypto Debit Cards that is truly primed to foster a crypto-driven economic landscape.


To quote Konstantin Zaripov, Nebeus Co-Founder and Managing Director,“The Nebeus card combines the best features of the crypto and fiat finance worlds. It bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, offering users a convenient and hassle-free means of transitioning between the two.”


Nebeus Crypto Cards


When it comes to integrating cryptocurrencies into the general economy, there is nothing quite like a cryptocurrency debit card.


In recent years, various cryptocurrency debit cards have started floating in the market. These cards can be used to make payments online, pay bills, and withdraw cash from ATMs just like a regular debit card. Cryptocurrency debit cards have the ability to convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currency automatically, thus making it easy for you to access your digital assets.


While there are several cryptocurrency debit cards available in the market, a Nebeus Crypto Card has several advantages over them, especially for Nebeus Token (NBTK) holders.


A Nebeus Crypto Card can be used to manage and handle all of your digital assets from a single source. It can seamlessly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency, can be topped up with all major cryptocurrencies without incurring any transaction fees, and it can be used in stores, online, and with ATMs.

However, the distinctive advantage of using a Nebeus Crypto Card is that NBTK (Nebeus Token) holders don’t have to pay a monthly fee for them, and they receive a 2-3% cashback for all their purchases in the form of Nebeus tokens.


Types of Nebeus Crypto Cards


Currently, there are two types of Nebeus Crypto Cards available — Nebeus Exo Card, and Nebeus Rocket Card.

  • Exo Card: The Nebeus Exo Card incurs a one-off fee of $69 and an additional monthly fee of $6.96. It has a daily withdrawal limit of $1500. But, users in possession of over 50 NBTK tokens will pay no monthly fee, and will also receive a 3% cash back in NBTK tokens.

  • Rocket Card: The Nebeus Rocket Card incurs a one-off fee of $19.6 and an additional monthly fee of $2.6. It has a daily withdrawal limit of $750. However, as with The Nebeus Exo Card, users in possession of over 25 NBTK receive a 2% cash back and will pay no monthly fee either.


The Nebeus Virtual Card


In addition to the Exo and Rocket cards, Nebeus is also about to launch a low-cost alternative called Nebeus Virtual Card. It will only incur a one-time fee of $9 and a monthly fee of $1.5.


Nebeus Crypto Cards can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they hold Nebeus Tokens. However, it is clear that the cards will be especially beneficial for NBTK holders. To avail of these benefits, you can purchase NBTK tokens right now from YoBit Exchange.

Using a Nebeus Crypto Card will certainly make it easier for all cryptocurrency users to integrate their digital assets into their regular lives and trade them for goods and services. In doing so, it will also simultaneously further the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies into the wider economy.


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