Is MOAC (MOAC) a Valuable Cryptocurrency?

The MOAC (MOAC) is one of the better cryptocurrencies I have seen. I like MOAC because it seems to be one of the few cryptocurrencies designed for commercial use.

In other words, MOAC (MOAC) is actually designed for real world uses. More importantly, MOAC could make real money in the real world.

The MOAC actually a blockchain system designed to facilitate business transactions. The difference between MOAC and the Ethereum blockchain is that they built MOAC with specific business purposes in mind.

Is MOAC (MOAC) a Blockchain built for Business

To that end, MOAC is built in several layers as a multi-layer blockchain architecture. In detail, each layer serves a different business purpose.

For example, MAOC contains a peer-to-peer (P2P) layer to facilitate direct payments and communications between businesses and customers. In addition, another layer functions as an application programming interface (API) to facilitate payments.

Moreover, an “event-handling” layer verifies transactions and maintains accountability. For example, employees or customers can verify payment processing or delivery of merchandise through the event handling layer.

There is even an isolated layer that will request unpaid balances from customers. Thus MOAC can automatically request payment for unpaid balances.

Interestingly, they designed MOAC with built smart contracts based on MOAC’s MicroChain solutions. In detail, smart contracts are self-executing blockchain apps documents that automatically perform a business function. For instance, a smart contract invoice will automatically bill a customer upon delivery.

MOAC (MOAC) Addresses Blockchain Scalability

The MOAC team addresses the great blockchain scalability problem with its MicroChain solution.

In essence, most blockchains are very limited in size and storage capacity. Thus, only a finite number of transactions can move through a blockchain at once. For instance, most experts think Bitcoin (BTC) can only process four to 10 transactions a second.

Under those circumstances, a Bitcoin based payment system can only process a few transactions a second. Therefore, a Bitcoin payment system will crash or move at a very slow speed if over 10 people try to pay their bills at once. Hence, Bitcoin is useless for many business purposes.

Ethereum (ETH) is a little better it can reportedly process 20 transactions a second. Under those circumstances an Ethereum platform will be useless for a big business such as an online store a popular gaming system.

MOAC’s (MOAC) Answer to the Blockchain Scalability Problem

MOAC’s answer to the blockchain scalability problem is MicroChains. A MicroChain is a sidechain, a less-encrypted blockhain alternative.

A blockchain’s capacity and speed is limited because of all the encryption. Sidechains offer higher speeds and greater capacities because they build them with less encryption.

MOAC is trying to solve the scalability problem with a layer of MicroChains or sidechains built into its blockchain. Thus, a business using MOAC could theoretically send out hundreds of invoices or accept payments at once via the MOAC MicroChain.

For instance, a gaming platform could accept payments from dozens or hundreds of players once with MOAC MicroChains. A utility could bill thousands of customers at once using a MOAC MicroChain.

What is the MOAC Global MotherChain?

Such capabilities could be possible with MOAC because it offers a Global MotherChain. In detail, the Global MotherChain is apparently a giant sidechain built and maintained by the MOAC team. MOAC MicroChains, and decentralized applications (DApps) like smart contract transactions will move through the MotherChain.

The MotherChain offers enhanced security and reliability because the MOAC team will maintain it. For instance, the MOAC team can watch for hackers and malware and respond to such threats.

Note there is no evidence MOAC’s MicroChains or the Global MotherChain are workable solutions to the scalability problem. Instead, MicroChains and the MotherCahin are potential solutions to the scalability dilemma.

MOAC (MOAC) Plans to Release 500 DApps in 2019

The exciting aspect of MOAC is that its creators are building scalability and sidechains into their blockchain from the ground up. Thus, MOAC is trying to solve some of the problems facing blockchain users from the beginning.

To that end, MOAC is testing 20 DApps in its architecture. MOAC plans large-scale testing 100 and 500 DApps designed to support billions of dollars in transactions for 2019.

The commercial release of MOAC and integration with the Internet of Things (IOT) will follow. Therefore, we will not know if MOAC and its solutions work until next year.

Is MOAC (MOAC) a Good Cryptocurrency?

MOAC is an interesting blockchain project with a lot of commercial potential. However, it is not a good cryptocurrency right now. Unproven technology limits MOAC’s value.

On the other hand, MOAC achieved a Coin Price of $1.18 on 16 November 2018. That led to a Market Capitalization of $73.981 million and a 24-Hour Market Volume of $55,288 on the same day.

Thus, MOAC had enough value to become the 71st most valuable altcoin in CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency ranking on November 16, 2018. In addition, there was a Circulating Supply of 62.463 million MOAC and a Total Supply of 151.206 million on 16 November 2018.

Despite the price, MOAC has some serious limitations for instance, it could not be compatible with existing blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Thus it might not be possible for MOAC to accept ETH or BTC payments. In addition, it might be possible for Ethereum platforms to accept MOAC payments or process MOAC transactions.

What does MOAC (MOAC) Stand for Anyway?

The acronym MOAC stands for Mother of All Cryptocurrencies. The acronym is bothersome because they base it on a quote from a bloodthirsty dictator.

To explain, “the mother of all battles” was how Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein described Operation Desert Storm in the First Persian Gulf War in 1991. Hussein promised his enemies a fierce battle. Instead, what occurred was a high-tech slaughter of poorly equipped and badly trained Iraqi soldiers by crack US military forces.

Since then the phrase “mother of all” has become synonymous with anything big or dominating. For instance, they call Amazon the mother of all online stores.

Thus, MOAC is taking its name from a quote attributed to a sociopath. That shows poor public relations and a lack of historical knowledge.

Despite the questionable name, MOAC is an interesting blockchain product that bears watching. In particular MOAC (MOAC) could have a lot of value as the first blockchain built for big business.