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It’s Time for the Education Sector to Take Better Care of Its Public Image

The education sector has always been in the public eye, but with the influx of social media and the sheer volume of news headlines, it’s time that schools and universities harness the power of digital marketing and start taking better care of their public image. This article outlines some of the challenges facing the education sector when it comes to public relations and offers some insights into how digital marketing can help.


Visibility is one of the biggest issues facing educational institutions. Schools tend to be hidden away on large properties, and universities are often tucked into city districts that aren’t very accessible by public transport. Students also often choose to study in places that are close to home or where they can enjoy another lifestyle.

This is to say nothing of the digital visibility issues facing educational institutions. Technology is still lagging behind other industries when it comes to implementation, but many educational organizations are beginning to realize that they should invest more in online marketing

According to the Google Keyword Tool, 100,000 people search ‘university rankings’ every month. The sector is also in the middle of a PR crisis, with student morale and mental health persistently coming up in media conversations.


Universities are often perceived as places of learning – but not all students are there for the best reasons. Although tertiary education is a luxury, media coverage of student behavior tends to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. It’s something universities have had to face head-on in recent times, so it’s no wonder that they’re turning to digital marketing.

Many universities and schools have been accused of trying to cover up the truth when in reality, it’s just a lack of communication or awareness about what misinformation is out there and how to address it.

The benefits of a digital marketing agency

The key is to embrace social media and start building a movement around cultural change which will lead to better public relations. Companies such as Eleven Marketing have years of experience in this specific field.

They can tailor their advertising strategies to meet specific educational needs, which in turn can help drive public awareness and student recruitment. That’s why it’s important for educational institutions to gain the knowledge they need and consider how digital marketing can be used to help them.

Let’s look at a few more benefits in detail.

Raise brand awareness

It’s important for universities and schools to make the right impression on potential students, and digital marketing can help them build brand awareness. Using social media to create content that tells a story about what an educational institution stands for will help people gain a better understanding of what it has to offer.

This is especially helpful when somebody is looking for information about study abroad programs or transferring to an international institution.

Education is also high on the agenda of many organizations, but few can address it confidently. Digital marketing helps educational institutions build their own public image and engage with people who are interested in taking courses online.

Attract new students 

Digital marketing also helps educational organizations build their online presence, which is important when it comes to attracting new students. For example, potential students who are looking for information about overseas study programs will often search on Google.

By having a strong profile in digital marketing, educational institutions can increase their chances of showing up when somebody is searching online. This helps prospective students understand what they’re getting into before signing up.