Media Racism is alive and well on the Digital Campaign Trail

Media racism is alive and well on the digital campaign trail to the White House. The data shows; however, that it is the journalists not the voters who are the racists.

Chinese-American Andrew Yang (D-New York) is number six in the polling averages; and fourth in the number of Tweets during debates, Axios estimates. In comparison, Yang is 14th in the number of articles and 13th in the number of mentions on cable news.

In fact, Yang received more debate Twitter mentions than the supposed Democratic front runner former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware), in Axios’s survey. Notably, Biden is the only straight white Christian male among the top six candidates. Yet Biden is number one in articles and cable news mentions.

In detail, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) is of African and Indian heritage. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is Jewish, and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) is white but claims to be part Cherokee. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-South Bend Indiana) is a WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) but gay.

Thus the media’s sexism, racism, religious prejudices, and anti-gay bias is on display in these numbers. We must commend Axios for these numbers.

Media’s ideological bias on Display

Interestingly, the media’s ideological bias is also on display on the digital campaign trail.

All four leftist Democratic presidential contenders; Yang, Harris, Sanders, and Warren received more Tweet mentions than Biden. Yet Biden is number one in articles, and cable news mentions.

I think Warren could lead the Democratic primary race because she is number one in debate Twitter mentions. Remember, the Twitter candidate Donald J. Trump (R-New York) won both the Republican nomination and the presidency in 2016).

To elaborate USA Today estimates Trump had 22.7 million social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on 4 August 2016. Comparatively, Clinton had 15 million followers.

Why Warren and Bernie are winning the Democratic primary

In the debate Twitter contest, Warren is number one, Sanders is two, Harris is three, Yang is four, and Biden is five.

However, Bernie is winning the overall Twitter War when you look at the current Twitter numbers. On 6 September 2019, Warren had 5.3 million Twitter followers, Bernie had 8.6 million Twitter followers, Harris had 3.1 million Twitter followers, Biden had 3.7 million Twitter Followers, Buttigieg had 1.4 million followers, and Andrew Yang had 757,400 Twitter friends.

Thus I conclude there is no popular support for Biden’s campaign. Moreover, both Sanders and Warren have more Twitter followers than Biden. That means more people are interested in them than Biden. Notably, Bernie’s Twitter following is over twice as large as Biden’s.

Is Biden Third in the Primary?

Therefore, Biden could be a distant third among active and involved Democrats and not leading the race. However, the Big Media refuses to see it.

Yes, Biden is leading in the polls, but remember Hillary R. Clinton (D-New York) in 2016. In fact, ABC News claimed Clinton had a 12 point lead over Trump on 23 October 2016; just two weeks before election. Notice, Clinton is not in the White House.

Given these circumstances, I think bias makes some polls and news coverage about the presidential race unreliable.

CNN Nominates Another Great White Male Hope

Disgustingly, CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza devotes an entire article to trashing the notion the media is biased against Yang. Then, admits “In CNN’s most recent 2020 rankings; which I co-author, we moved Yang out of the top 10, choosing Steyer, the wealthy businessman instead.”

As I read that I immediately asked “who in the hell is Steyer?” I’ve been following the campaign closely but I’d never heard of Steyer until I read Cillizza’s blog.

In fact, I cannot recall seeing a single news article about Steyer or his presidential campaign, before Googling him because of Cillizza’s comment. Yet CNN thinks he’s a bigger candidate than Yang.

For the record, Tom Steyer is a former hedge fund manager and the 26th richest man in America, Forbes reports. Predictably, Steyer is white and male and has a rabid hatred of Trump. Notably, Steyer had 245,000 Twitter followers on 6 September 2019, in comparison, to Yang’s 757,400.

Thus, CNN is paying more attention to a rich white man who allegedly paid canvassers to go door to door to get enough supporters to make the debate than an Asian with real grassroots support. If that is not racism, I do not know what is.

Interestingly, Real Clear Politics does not consider Steyer a serious candidate and refuses to report his poll results, yet CNN thinks he is a viable candidate. Moreover, Steyer’s pathological hatred of Trump borders on madness.

Is CNN promoting a Rich Nut’s Presidential Campaign because he is White?

For example, Steyer calls Trump a “threat to the rule of law” and “the most corrupt president in American history,” Fox News interview. In contrast, Yang thinks prosecuting Trump is UnAmerican and dangerous.

“Imprisoning a former President is the kind of thing that happens in developing countries – America should avoid falling into this pattern if at all possible,” Yang Tweets on 13 June 2019. “The focus should be on winning in 2020 and solving the problems that got Trump into office.”

“I think he’s the most corrupt president in American history,” Steyer says of Trump on Fox News. “I think he’s more than met the criteria for impeachment. I think he threatens the safety of Americans — but more than that, he threatens the whole idea of the rule of law.”

Why is CNN Promoting Tom Steyer’s Campaign?

Frighteningly, Steyer promises to rule like a dictator by presidential fiat. He tells Fox, “On Day one, I would use the emergency powers of the presidency to start us to deal with the issue of climate change, to make it Priority One and to make sure that we protect the health and safety of every American.”

I think Steyer is crazy and dangerous. Yet CNN is building up Steyer’s campaign because he is rich and white.

I think Yang sounds reasonable and dedicated to the rule of law compared to Steyer. Fortunately, I believe Steyer’s campaign is a joke voters will ignore.

Why is CNN Promoting a Fringe Presidential Candidate?

I think Steyer has about as much chance of winning the Democratic nomination or the Presidency, as I have of becoming NASCAR champion (none). Yet CNN considers him a serious candidate.

However, Steyer; unlike Yang, is not talking about raising taxes, so he is acceptable to the plutocrat protection unit at CNN. Notably, Yang proposes both a $40-dollar-a ton Carbon Tax and a 10% Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Thus the real crime to CNN’s journalists is proposing tax increases. Trashing the Constitution, democracy, the rule of law and American values are fine as long as the billionaires keep their money.

Can a Crazy Billionaire Presidential Candidate Save CNN from Oblivion?

Plus, CNN could talk Steyer into buying some ads on its network. In addition, CNN’s bosses could hope that backing a crazy billionaire’s presidential ambitions could boost their ratings.

Notably, CNN’s ratings fell by 13% in July 2019, AdWeek estimates. Meanwhile, the Trump hype machine known as the Fox News Channel was the number one basic cable network in July 2019, Adweek calculates. Furthermore, 11 of the top 15 cable programs were on Fox News in July 2019.

Perhaps, CNN’s analysts think they could increase ratings and advertising revenue by hyping up a crazy larger-than-life billionaire. The strategy did wonders for its rival Fox News. If Tom Steyer reaches the White House and quickly finds himself impeached, we can blame CNN.

Can Andrew Yang Save CBS?

Interestingly, CNN is not the only dying news outlet trying to jump on a presidential candidate’s band wagon. CBS has suddenly discovered Andrew Yang and is giving the Basic Income advocate lots of airtime.

For example, CBS News This Morning ran an interview in which Yang discusses his thesis that “The American Dream is dying by the numbers” on 5 September 2019. Thus, there are a few journalists who look at the data. Unfortunately, those journalists are only looking at the data because their jobs are under threat.

My guess is that CBS News is so desperate for ratings, its leaders are asking “what do the viewers want to see.” Notably, CBS News will soon have to justify its existence to new boss; Shari Redstone, who is trying to save her family business ViacomCBS from irrelevance.

I have to wonder if Redstone has seen research that indicates the average person under 24 watches just two minutes of TV news a day. To elaborate, The Guardian reports British media regulator Ofcom estimates a people between 16 and 24 watch two minutes of TV news day.

In contrast, Ofcom calculates people over 65 watch 33 minutes of TV news a day. Meanwhile, I estimate 1.705 million Baby Boomers (Americans between 55 and 75 die each day). If this data is true, Redstone could look at CBS News and ask, “why are we wasting money on something with a shrinking audience?”

Can Shari Redstone save CBS News?

Redstone is on record as saying that she wants to create a “muti-platform media organization;” in other words, a media conglomerate that emphasizes cash generating digital content. Thus, facing a boss who thinks news should make money, CBS now cares what viewers think.

Interestingly, Redstone could be the only female boss at a major entertainment company. Tellingly, CBS fired its long-time CEO Les Moonves over sexual harassment charges, shortly after Shari Redstone took over from her father. Under Moonves, CBS’s news broadcasts became Trump infomercials.

Hopefully, 2020 will be the year America’s news media learns racism, sexism, and ideological bias are unacceptable. Unfortunately, recent history demonstrates that many journalists let their prejudices shape the “news.” My guess is the unemployment line is the only thing that will cure journalists of the sickness of racism.