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Moving QuickBooks Desktop to the Cloud

If you have a desktop version of QuickBooks, then your accounting software is hosted and managed on your local server or your PC.  QuickBooks Desktop versions are exclusively accessible from a particular location, which is primarily your office.

Switching to QuickBooks Desktop Hosting will enable you, your accountant as well as your employees to have remote access to the accounting software and its data from any place where there is internet available.

But how can you determine that moving QuickBooks desktop to the cloud is the correct move for your business? 

Here are some of the benefits of cloud hosting for QuickBooks: 

Your data will have extra security. The cloud hosting service provider you choose will be liable for saving your data safely and securely. If your company goes through an electricity outage, fire, theft, or natural hazard the availability of your data will not be endangered.

Your data will always be available to all your users anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based storage will allow you and your designated users to access your data from any desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone that has an internet connection. Document sharing and real-time editing make collaborating with your staff easier. You can also host QuickBooks on a Cloud Based Desktop.

You will always get the latest QuickBooks updates. Your cloud service provider will instantly install the most recent releases of QuickBooks for you as soon as they are available.

You will save plenty of time. Handling systems, network configurations, and software updates are very time-consuming. Hosting QuickBooks on a cloud will enable you and your IT department to outsource some of the IT operations of your business and free up your valuable time.

You will save a lot of funds. Most cloud service providers will provide you with a plan as per the requirements of your business. Adopting cloud services will enable you to reduce costs on data protection, IT staffing, and software/hardware upgrades. Additionally, you will be able to estimate your IT costs without any unwanted expenses for internal IT issues.

Which is the best alternative to migrate QuickBooks to the cloud?

If you are sure about moving your QuickBooks to the cloud, you have to select between Intuit or a Cloud hosting provider. How can you determine the ideal choice for your business?

If you only use the QuickBooks application and you are not bothered about the loss of some functions, then using Intuit to provide on an online version of QuickBooks will be enough for your requirements. But, if you do not want to lose any functions from your current QuickBooks version and you utilize other applications that you would want to transfer to the cloud, using an external cloud hosting provider would be an ideal alternative for you. Essentially, selecting a reliable and trustworthy service provider is crucial for the security of your data and application.

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