One Cloud to Rule Them All – AWS

Even if it didn’t sell another item, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) would remain one of the largest and most important global corporations because of AWS.

Through its potent and versatile cloud hosting solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company powers a huge portion of the internet. As you can read in the infographic created by, over a million enterprise customers already use AWS.

User favorites like Pinterest, Netflix and Reddit run on AWS. Business solutions like Salesforce and VMWare also use the Amazon cloud platform. Even the web hosting giant GoDaddy moved many of its servers toward the Amazon data centers.

Not bad for a service that is less than two decades old, right?

How Amazon Web Services AWS Rules the web

Given the business record of Jeff Bezos, though, the AWS rise to stardom is hardly a surprise. The thing is that with such an amazing product you don’t even need that much marketing.

Throw in the variety of hosting solutions, products, and pricing, and it becomes fairly clear that AWS is attractive to a wide range of customers because of its unique mix of service value and quality.

AWS can host anything from a simple site to a vast corporate internet portal. Admittedly, using it for a single WordPress site might be a bit of an overkill (there are plenty shared hosting providers out there anyway), but medium-sized organization can find exactly what they need in the AWS catalog.

Now, just like any other technology, AWS is not impeccable. There have been several notable outages in the history of the service, but it still is growing strong, acquiring new fans left and right.

To see exactly what separates AWS from all other cloud hosting solutions, check out the fact-packed infographic below: