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A Review of Internet Browsers for Windows XP

Simply getting on the internet and searching it should not be tough, but it often is. Getting online can be even tougher when you use an older computer that is still running on a 32-bit version of Windows XP; that has been fully updated with Service Three.

Many people try to solve this dilemma by testing a wide variety of browsers and end up frustrating themselves. To help you get online fast, and perform tasks there, we put a batch of browsers to the test and found a few that work. Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly of Windows XP browsers.

The Good Windows XP Browsers

Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft

A lot of people will hate to admit it but Internet Explorer 8 is still the best Windows XP browser around. Explorer 8 is very stable and highly-compatible with vast numbers of websites.

A big advantage to Explorer 8 is that will work with older websites, and sites from countries like India and China; where Windows XP is still widely used. The drawbacks to Explorer 8 are that it is light and features and rather plain, but that ads speed.


You can get a fairly advanced version of Internet Explorer 8 from Softpedia by following this link:

Make sure that you add the latest Cumulative Security Update from Microsoft. Even though Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) officially claims not to service Eight and XP, the company still tries to fix security holes in Windows XP.


You will need to add the Cumulative Security Update, because Windows XP is highly vulnerable to malware such as the WannaCry Ransomware. Microsoft has a fix for WannaCry in the Cumlative Security Update.

Google Chrome

There is a very stable version of Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Linux-based browser for Windows XP. One advantage to using solutions from big corporations like Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Microsoft is that they actually fix flaws and try to counter malware.

You can find a very good version of Chrome here:

Be careful because Alphabet no longer fully supports Windows XP.

Mozilla Firefox

If you hate the idea of being reliant on giant American corporations for a browser, Mozilla’s Firefox is the best alternative for XP users. Firefox is built and maintained by a nonprofit organization called the Mozilla Foundation.

Many XP users report that Firefox is still the best browser for their operating system. You can download it here make sure you choose the version for your country:

Unlike some free software providers, the Mozilla Foundation does a pretty good job of keeping its solutions updated. Make sure you pay attention to their emails.


For those that want a stable, non-American solution, Opera is the best alternative. This browser was created and maintained by a team in Scandinavia.

Opera is not Linux-based, but it has a reputation of working well on slower internet connections and older computers. The look is a little different, but you can get used to it. Opera can be downloaded here:


Comodo Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon was by far the best of the alternate browsers we reviewed because it had an easy full download. There was also good support provided by a very nice website.

When we actually used it, Ice Dragon had the fewest security errors. It also worked with most websites, unlike some of its competitors. A big advantage to Ice Dragon is that is easy to configure.

The flaws were a slower load time and a very annoying kernel32 error. The error forced us to close and restart the browser every time it popped up.

The Bad Windows XP Browsers

FlashPeak Slimjet

This browser is popular because it allows for fast surfing, smooth downloads, and video streaming that works. Some users report that Flashpeak is faster than Explorer 8, Chrome, and Firefox.

Flashpeak’s webpage looks great because it is simple and clean. There are some issues including security errors that will block access to a lot of websites. We were unable to open one out of 10 websites when we used Slimjet. Despite that, Slimjet works well with some major websites including Amazon.

You can take a look at it here:

UC Browser

This solution loads almost instantly from a download, and it offers reasonable operating speed.

The biggest drawback to UC was a very slow and cumbersome online installation process. Once it was installed we noticed a lot of security blocks and problems created by the security.

The worst aspect of UC Browser is that it takes up a lot of computer resources. There is also a serious security threat because many of its functions keep operating after the user exits the browser. To make matters worse we could not find a support webpage for UC Browser. You can download UC Browser here:



Even though it downloaded and ran well, errors began popping up right after startup with Midori.

We noticed a lack of resources and an awkward interface. A very annoying feature with Midori was that every page popped up in a new window. There was also a lack of tabs which can make it hard to find resources.

Midori would work fine for those who use only one webpage at a time; and for people with limited computer resources and low internet speeds. You can take a look at Midori here:

The Ugly Windows XP Browsers 

32bit Web Browser

This Elctrasoft solution was the worst browser we looked at it. Despite claims of speed, 32bit Web Browser barely worked.

To make matters worse 32bit’s default homepage is an advertisement. If that was not annoying enough; 32bit only worked with one out of four websites, which makes it is useless for most people.

Beyond that 32bit is simply the worst looking browser we have ever seen. It actually resembles a webpage from the year 1997. Please stay away from 32bit Web Browser, preferably far, far, away.


Apple’s web browser works fine with Apple products, but it did function on Windows XP. Safari downloaded fast, started fine, and look good, but we were not able to open any websites with it. There were also some serious and annoying security errors.

The bottom line is Safari does not work with Windows XP, possibly because the Windows version of Safari has been discontinued. Apple zombies that want to torture themselves by installing Safari on XP can find it here:

AOl 9.0 VR

Yes, folks, AOL still exists and it has a browser that does not work. Downloading and installing AOL 9.0 VR was definitely a chore; because it had the longest installation time of any of the browsers we looked at. It also required some manual setup, which shows how dated the solution is.

Once installed, 9.0 VR would not load any websites. To make matters worse, a half-dozen unwanted boxes popped up on opening and promptly froze. Stay as far away from this browser as you can.

FlashPeak SlimBrowser

This was another browser that looked good but did not work. We were unable to open Slimbrowser or start any websites with it.

This browser should not be confused with FlashPeak Slimjet which actually works. Please void Slimbrowser but you can look at it here:

The Worst of the Worst

These browsers made our “worst of the worst” list because we were not even able to install them. Please avoid these browsers.

Comodo Dragon


Mustang Browser


Vivaldi Browser

Torch Browser

The moral of the story is that Internet Explorer 8 is still the best browser for Windows XP. If you want an alternative to Explorer checkout Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, and please do not torture yourself by looking at a lot of other browsers.