Guest Posting Opportunities Available at Market Mad House

Paid-article posting opportunities are now available at Market Mad House, the cutting-edge blog operated by writer and market analyst Daniel G. Jennings.

Market Mad House focuses on high quality, in-depth analysis of stocks, companies, real estate, insurance, markets, the economy, marketing, ecommerce, technology, politics, finance, and social, cultural, political, and economic trends from the perspective of a seasoned value investor. Commentary on a variety of social, technological, political, cultural economic and other topics is also regularly offered at Market Mad House.

The analysis has a strong focus on retail, but Mr. Jennings also examines the banking, finance, communications, technology, automobile, energy, and insurance sectors on a regular basis. Other areas of coverage include payment technologies, such as Apple Pay, and cutting edge technology, such as self-driving cars and Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. A few other areas of interest include discount stores and Uber.

Quality posts are made to Market Mad House on a daily basis and all content is professionally proofread. High-quality illustrations and the occasional video are also featured.

All current content at Market Mad House is created by Mr. Jennings, whose work has been featured at a variety of websites, including Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, and Empresa-Journal. Mr. Jennings currently has 321 followers on Seeking Alpha and 500+ followers on LinkedIn, in addition to several hundred views a day at Market Mad House.

Market Mad House is featured on Seeking Alpha

Articles on Market Mad House are occasionally selected for publication at Seeking Alpha. Please see below for examples:


Note: paid content posted at Market Mad House will not appear on Seeking Alpha due to that site’s editorial guidelines.

All paid content posted on Market Mad House will carry this disclosure in order to comply with Seeking Alpha policies: “The owner and operator of Market Mad House received compensation for this post.”

Please do not ask for any exceptions to this policy because none are available. There are opportunities to post to two other websites, Car Insurance Samurai and Geek Crunch Reviews that do allow paid content to be posted without a disclaimer. Geek Crunch Reviews has received 29,059 page views in a  week and had 17,152 users. Details are available from the Blog Master.

Low Cost Paid Article Posting Available

Articles, pictures, graphics, and videos provided by paid posters are welcome at Market Mad House, but all content is subject to the site operator’s approval. This content will also be posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. The article will be posted in any section specified by the supplier.

Mr. Jennings is also willing to write articles for paid posting; please see below for rates. All paid articles shall be professionally proofread. Mr. Jennings is also a freelance writer who is always on the lookout for new clients; please ask the blog master for his rates.

Permanent posting is available. Our current rates are as follows:

  • $25 USD for a permanent post of a supplied article of any length with two pictures supplied by the client at Market Mad House.
  • $50 USD for a permanent post of a supplied article of any length with two pictures at Market Mad House and Geek Crunch Reviews or Car Insurance Samurai.
  • $75 USD for a permanent post of a supplied article of any length with two pictures at all three sites.
  • $50 USD for a 300-500 word permanent post written by Mr. Jennings.
  • $75 USD for a 500-1,000 word permanent post written by Mr. Jennings.
  • Permanent posts over 1,000 words in length written by Mr. Jennings, 10¢ USD a word.
  • Posting of a YouTube Video: $10 USD.

Rates are negotiable and subject to change at any time. Changes in rates and policies will be posted at Market Mad House.

Please note that no content will be posted until payment is received. Please make all inquiries to the Blog Master by using the contact form below or this email address: [email protected].

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