Today’s generation wants nothing but autonomy and independence in their professional life—more than taking orders and following instructions, Millennials like being in charge. As a result, they are crawling into the entrepreneurship world.

Starting a business in this digital age has become effortless but ensuring long-term survival and profitability is still troublesome. From managing finances, recruiting competent people in designing marketing campaigns – an entrepreneur has to wear many hats.

At the same time, you have to keep up with evolving tech trends to ensure competitiveness. Since emerging technologies are making business environments more complex, entrepreneurs have to upgrade their skills.

After all, your traditional problem-solving and IT skills are no longer enough to make businesses succeed. It is hard to find time for professional development. Still, you have to learn new business skills to grow as an entrepreneur.

Most importantly, entrepreneurs have to become friends with technology because the world is welcoming automated workplaces. These skills will improve your ability to perform modern-day business tasks, such as running Facebook ads or using accounting software.

Thus, if you want to stay up to date in this fast-paced environment, let us show you the ropes. Here are seven skills you should acquire in 2021 as an entrepreneur.

1. Business & Data Analytics

We live in a data-driven world, where organizations have access to tons of information. The digital data sets are so enormous and complex that traditional data management applications can’t handle them.

All this data won’t be of any use until you can apprehend and analyze it. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to brush up on their analytical skills. You can either take short courses or pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business analytics – MBAn to become a proficient data analyst.

It will let you dig deeper into organizational data and unfold rich consumer insights, helping you make business decisions effectively. Similarly, it facilitates a better understanding of businesses’ operational efficiency and productivity levels. Thus, in addition to cutting costs, you can significantly increase market share and revenue.

2. Project Management Skills

As an entrepreneur, your utmost goal would be to ensure optimal business efficiency. From initiating plans, planning work schedules to executing tasks – entrepreneurs need real-time project management skills to maintain pace with the evolving business landscape.

Hence, you must learn to define goals, establish strategies, outline actions, and track progress. You also have to evaluate processes and break the technical goals into logical steps to ensure employees understand.

Most importantly, lead by setting an example. Instead of delegating the team, become part of the projects to create a collaborative learning space.

3. Acquire Programming Skills

As more businesses are moving towards automation, traditional computer skills won’t come in handy. The capability to leverage technology has become a ‘must-have’ skill for entrepreneurs.

Therefore, you have to master the art of programming to gain an edge over the competitors. Start with the most popular programming language – python. It would let you work with artificial intelligence and big data while equipping you with coding techniques.

Similarly, it also helps with web development, allowing you to craft a stellar digital storefront. Besides this, you can also learn JavaScript as it is the backbone of the internet. If you plan to develop a mobile application for your brand, start studying iOS and android development.

4. Polish Your Critical Thinking Skills

Ever wonder why is critical thinking important for entrepreneurs? Whether it is hiring an accountant or seeking external financing – entrepreneurs have to make crucial decisions every day. Here, critical thinking skills help you analyze and evaluate information.

If you are acquiring a loan, these skills will help you weigh costs and benefits, helping you make the correct decision. Moreover, it would let you identify inconsistencies and reasoning errors, opening doors to more logical arguments. Similarly, you would learn to approach problems more consistently and systematically.

5. Financial Analysis

Financial acumen is one of the essential business skills you will ever need. You have to stay on top of money-related matters. That means you should know how to budget, invest, and forecast.

Learn about the cost-cutting measures to secure your business against potential losses. Likewise, apprehend the taxation protocols and review all tax deductibles to ensure your taxable income as low as possible

Moreover, wade through accounting software and learn to manage finances online. With a keen understanding of business finances, you would allocate money to every department more efficiently.

6. Learn the Art of Strategizing

Usually, 30% of the business startups fail in two years due to inefficient planning. Therefore, you have to utilize your strategizing skills to create a long-term growth plan for your business.

Instead of putting effort into making money now, you should look at the bigger picture. Another benefit of strategizing is that you can consider the long-term consequences of short-term decisions. You would see potential problems and devise plans to minimize losses and risk.

 Also, you would know where your business stands in the next five or even ten years. Believe it or not, but long-term strategies set up companies for future success.

7. Become Resourceful

Can you resolve problems on your own? In this dynamic business world, skills like resourcefulness are game-changers.

Resourceful entrepreneurs know how to figure out things. They know who to contact, how to find information, and when to take action. In short, being resourceful helps you become independent because you don’t have to rely on others for help.

Whatever you need, you will always find a way yourself. Sometimes, Google doesn’t have the answers employees need. In such cases, your resourcefulness will help you take the lead and find solutions to the problem.

Wrap Up

Learning and entrepreneurship have become indispensable to each other. As the business environments continue to change in 2021, you must keep acquiring new business skills to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Likewise, you have to balance hard business skills such as data analytics and soft skills like critical thinking and resourcefulness. It would let you make informed business decisions, ensuring business survival and profitability.