Shocking Poll: Bloomberg is Number Three in Democratic Primary

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (?-New York) placed third in a major national poll of the Democratic primary field.

Morning Consult ranked Bloomberg #3 in its 27 January to 2 February 2020 national poll. In detail, Bloomberg tied U.S. Senator Liz Warren (D-Massachusetts) at 14%. Meanwhile, U.S Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) came in second at 24%, and former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) was first at 28%.

This poll is shocking because Bloomberg who launched his campaign on 24 November 2019 is doing as well as a woman who has been campaigning for over a year. In addition, Morning Consult estimates Bloomberg is beating several candidates who have been in the race for months.

For instance, Morning Consult estimates Bloomberg beats probable Iowa caucus winner Pete Buttigieg (D-Indiana) by 8%. Morning Consult has Buttigieg at the fifth place with 6%.

Additionally, Bloomberg beats Andrew Yang (D-New York) who has been running for two years by 10%. Morning Consult had Yang at the sixth place at 4%.

Bloomberg’s Astonishing Rise

Bloomberg’s rise in the polls is astonishing. Back on 17 November 2019, Morning Consult estimated Bloomberg’s support at 3%. That number rose to 7% on 5 December; stayed there until 5 January, and rose to 12% on 26 January.

Thus Bloomberg’s support grew nearly five times in three months. Moreover, Morning Consult’s numbers show Bloomberg’s support has doubled in a month.

Bloomberg is changing presidential politics because he is doing well without taking part in the traditional primary process. In fact, Bloomberg has not appeared in a single debate.

If that continues, Bloomberg’s support could rival Biden’s and exceed Bernie’s in less than a month. Importantly, the round of contests I believe will decide the Democratic Primary is the “Super Tuesday” scheduled for 3 March 2020.

The New York Times estimates voters will select one third of Democratic convention delegates on Super Tuesday. Thus, Bloomberg could be the front runner on 3 March 2020. That could disrupt everything.

The Democratic Race could come down to Bloomberg and Sanders

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) changed its rules so candidates without tens of thousands of donors can participate in debates, The Wrap reports. Thus, the DNC considers Bloomberg a serious contender.

Consequently, all Bloomberg needs to do to become a top tier candidate is win a primary. If Bloomberg wins one primary, he will be the second or third placed contender. Plus, if Joe Biden and Warren drop out, the race could come down to Bloomberg and Sanders.

That raises many interesting questions. For example, will Bloomberg back the socialist Sanders if Bernie wins the nomination. Additionally, will Bernie back billionaire Mike if Democrats nominate Bloomberg?

How Will Democrats Run Against Billionaire Mike?

Also how will Democrats run against Billionaire Mike? My suggestion is to attack Bloomberg as a billionaire elitist from New York City. However, that attack failed to stop Trump in 2016.

Plus will Bloomberg be able to prove himself to left wing Democrats. My prediction is that Bloomberg will have to make serious concessions to the left if he wants to be President. Just as Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) sold his soul the right in 2016.

Remember how Trump outsourced judicial nominations to the Federalist Society? Bloomberg will have to make a similar concession if he wants the Democratic nomination.

Stay tuned folks, the rest of the Democratic Primary will be a fun ride.