Smart Home Gadgets Worthy of Installing In Your Home

Smart Home is becoming an increasingly common terminology across the United States. It’s really easy now to transform your home into a smart one. There is no need to undergo heavy renovations because smart home devices are now quite easy to install by yourself and are very compatible in size as well.

Automate your everyday tasks by installing smart home devices around the house. And watch how convenient everything gets. Here are a few devices that you may consider installing in your home. They are fairly easy on the pocket, easy to install too, and are very easy to control.

1. Smart Plug

A Smart Plug is one of the best devices you could have for your home. These plugs, in simple words, turn any appliance that is plugged in, into a smart device per se – and that is because it allows you to turn the appliance on or off through a smartphone application.

Some Smart Plug Applications even allow you to set schedules to make it easier for your devices to be turned on and off throughout the day. So even if you forgot to unplug the TV in the living room from the smart switch in the outlet, you can simply turn it off from your phone.

Many Smart Plugs are great energy savers and even feature taking note of an energy consumption history. That makes it easier to track what appliances are taking up more energy that’s giving you all those high utility bills.

2. Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is a great way to save energy and reduce your utility bills. Nobody’s saying replace all the lighting in your home with smart lights or a smart switch, rather replace the ones in the rooms where you frequently move about. Or even outside in the yard for security purposes.

Smart lights feature built-in motion sensors that control their functionality. They work by connecting to the Wi-Fi or a Smart Hub if you have one at home – and can be controlled via a mobile application specifically made for them. And yes, that also means remote access; you can be in a completely different city and still control your home lighting from your phone.

3. Smart Thermostat

Better than a standard thermostat, Smart Thermostats feature a sleek design along with modern, smart technology. Similar to all smart devices, these thermostats also connect to the home Wi-Fi and can be controlled through mobile applications.

That means you won’t even have to get off the couch to fix the thermostat, simply use your phone! Or with the first utility smart thermostat, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat featuring a built-in Google Assistant, use voice commands to control the thermostat – like “Hey Google!” Cool right?

4. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbells are an ideal addition to your home’s security system. If you don’t have cameras on your premises or any cameras outside the house for that matter, a video doorbell would be perfect to see and speak to whoever is at the door.

Smart Video Doorbells however also feature smartphone and tablet applications that send alerts and notifications in real-time whenever it detects anybody outside your home front door. And that includes even when someone hasn’t rung the bell. The iOS and Android applications even allow you to converse with whomever is at the door regardless of whether you are home or not.

5. Smart Door Lock  

Smart door locks are the new way to secure your home. By using codes over keys it has become even more difficult to break into homes. These devices like other smart home devices also have mobile applications that can alert you as to whenever the lock was accessed, or even tampered with.

Most of them are tamper-proof that makes them even better for security. Having access to the door lock from your mobile also enables you to unlock the door for friends and family, even when you’re away.

Key Takeaways

There’s a whole list of Smart Home devices out there on the market. These are easier to install or set up by yourselves and relatively cheaper than big renovations or even the fancier technology.

Find some amazing Smart Home gadgets on First Energy Home’s website, and call in a professional for installation services too if you think you require assistance.