Why did Ontario Kill Basic Income?

The most obvious and important lesson is that the traditional welfare or social-services system will never implement a basic income. The social services infrastructure exists to provide jobs for middle-class bureaucrats with college degrees, not to combat poverty.
To succeed, a basic income must be delivered outside the traditional social services and welfare infrastructure.

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Did Cryptocurrency Mining Threaten Jobs?

The situation in Plattsburgh demonstrates how the new high-tech economy generates both income inequality and political controversy.

Progress is ripping up the social contract written at the end of the last Industrial Revolution.

Investors need to consider the ethical implications of some of this new technology. If they do not, everybody will suffer from the political backlash.

Developments in Plattsburgh prove that the old social contract is dead and it is time to write a new one. If we do not write a new social contract our cities will burn, and many people will suffer.

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Could Alaska’s Oil Payment Be the Answer to America’s Income Inequality?

If Americans are serious about alleviating poverty and income inequality, we need to take a close look at Alaska’s basic income experiment. We should ask ourselves if something like the Alaska Permanent Fund could work on a nationwide basis.

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