The Facts About Online vs Offline Stores In 2018

Some of the biggest brands out there made the move to online retail a good few years ago, and although the infographic created by Red Brain shows they have had some incredible sales, it is nothing compared to what their sales are in their physical stores.

Although people appreciate a brand being online, they are not ready to see their favourite brands disappear from the high streets completely.

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Whole Foods’ Aldi Clone is a Major Opportunity for Amazon

This means that 365; and not the supermarkets, might be the real reason Amazon bought Whole Foods. Therefore both Whole Foods and the US grocery industry might be changed beyond recognition by Amazon and 365.

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Is Dollar General’s Growth Sustainable?

My advice is to sell Dollar General now, because its business model is not sustainable. This dollar store operator is headed up for a crackup and an implosion.

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