A Hyperloop Investment that you can Make Right Now: AECOM

AECOM was hired by Musk himself to build the Hyperloop test track at his SpaceX rocket company in Hawthorne, California, The Verge reported. That track will be used to test the winning pods from Musk’s Hyperloop pod design contest.

To add icing to the cake; news reports indicate that AECOM will build the test track for Hyperloop One at the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Weather could Provide Hyperloop’s Biggest Advantage

Since the Hyperloop vehicles would operate inside a closed tube, they would be largely unaffected by outside weather conditions such as blizzards. That certainly gives Elon Musk’s creation an edge over air travel. Around 1,000 flights were cancelled at Denver International Airport on March 23, 2016 because of a massive snowstorm.

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