Election Shocker Ted Cruz might lose

Cruz’s defeat would be a huge upset because Texas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate in over 30 years. The last Democrat elected to the Senate from Texas was Lloyd Bentson in 1988.

If the polls are accurate Republicans have lost 10.1% of Texas’s vote in six years. If the trend continues, a Democratic victory in Texas is a realistic possibility in 2024.

The Trump Revolution is far from over and it is likely to claim many more Republican victims.

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Some Congressional Races to Watch

A victory by de Leon would be a death knell to the moderate Democratic establishment and a swing to the left in the party. The race is likely to get expensive because under California’s system Feinstein and de Leon will face each other in the June 5 open primary and the general election in November.

A fascinating outcome of this race would be that de Leon and Feinstein could split the Democratic vote, and provide an opening for a Republican to reach the Senate from California. Another game-changing factor is Feinstein’s health, she’s 85 and looking increasingly frail, so the Senator might drop out any time.

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Game Changing Election Brewing in Texas

O’Rourke’s success might start a paradigm shift in the Democratic Party and politics in general.

The most radical thing O’Rourke has done to is to campaign like a Republican. That is campaigning only to the Democratic base and making no effort to attract centrist or swing voters. This is a repudiation of the standard Democratic strategy of the last 50 years; which was to concentrate electoral resources the message on white middle-class moderate “swing voters.”

Conventional wisdom tells us that Beto O’Rourke cannot win in Texas, but that wisdom may no longer apply. Just two years ago, conventional wisdom told us Donald J. Trump could not win the Republican nomination or beat Hillary Clinton in the general election – he did both.

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