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The Current State Of The Blockchain Market

Bitcoin is, of course, not the only currency out there waiting to be mined. There are hundreds of mining pools out there for a range of different cryptocurrencies, and you can find lists of different pools for each type of digital coin.

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The End of Silicon Valley and American Tech Dominance

Predictably, when one looks at the lists of companies participating in the various blockchain and cryptocurrency research efforts the names of the Silicon Valley giants are conspicuously absent. What research and development those companies undertake is increasingly centralized, bureaucratic, and directed towards projects that require massive infrastructure such as self-driving cars.

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Long Ideas

JPMorgan Chase can Big Banks Survive?

There is an interesting black; or rather grey, swan threat to Chase’s future in the form of Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall was the Depression era law that forcibly separated investment and consumer banks for 60 years. Its repeal was one the hallmarks of Bill Clinton’s 1990s financial reforms.

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The Big Payment App Battle: NFC vs QR Code

The real conflict in brick and mortar app payment is that there are two very different technologies in widespread use. This makes systems incompatible and effectively drives a wedge between the different companies offering payment solutions and their customers.

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Grocery Wars

Walmart Pay is far more than just a Simple Payment App

If news stories about Walmart Pay are correct; the app is an impressive piece of retail technology that puts Walmart well ahead of competitors. The new app actually gives Walmart some capabilities that even Apple Pay lacks.

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The Most Valuable Unicorn That You Have Never Heard of

The Thunder Network is an open-sourced payment processing platform that could be capable of processing up to 100,000 financial transactions per second if fully implemented. The network is potentially revolutionary because all those transactions will be fully encrypted and authenticated.

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Is Current C Dead or Merely Delayed?

The Apple-zombie press is hyping up the Current C “postponement” as a victory for Apple Pay, yet it could be a serious defeat for Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) payment app.

The danger for Apple; and Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android Pay, is that Big Retail has concluded that app payment is a niche product that will not drive many sales. The retail giants’ executives think that contactless payment is simply not worth the time and effort.

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