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Cardano (ADA)


Top 10 Trending Altcoins of 2022: What Should You Know Before Investing?

Finding an apt altcoin is a challenging task in this market. The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies has brought in numerous players in the ecosystem. Apart from investors and traders, some scammers are also luring retail investors with the proposition of three-digit returns.

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Does Cardano (ADA) Have Any Value?

I think Cardano (ADA) is a flawed cryptocurrency because it only does one thing. Presently, Cardano’s only utility is as a secured means of exchange.

The Cardano team has sacrificed utility for security and privacy. They have a super secure cryptocurrency with no obvious practical uses. Therefore, Cardano is a thought experiment rather than an altcoin.

The greatest flaw at Cardano is that the team has apparently failed to adapt their creation for any real world uses. For example, there is no mention of the blockchain scalability problem at Cardano’s website.

The problem is the speed and capacity limit that prevents blockchain from quickly processing large numbers of transactions. Present-day blockcahins are simply too small to process the numbers of transactions needed for commercial applications.

In particular, Ethereum (ETH) has an estimated capacity of 14 to 20 transactions a second. Bitcoin (BTC) is even worse; the online experts estimate it processes less than transactions a second.

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