What is Spectrecoin?

Spectrecoin’s team is trying to develop a proof-of-stealth algorithm. The problem with that is you would only be able to demonstrate proof-of-stealth by tracking transactions.

Therefore, the transactions would not be anonymous or stealth. Absurdly, Spectrecoin’s creators promise to create “stealth addresses,” there is no way an address can be stealth. If an address exists it can be traced.

Worst of all, Spectrecoin’s developers make an impossible claim for they product. The developers claim Spectrecoin will deploy a fully anonymous system at some point.

The only way for a system to be fully anonymous is for nobody to use it. If nobody is using Spectrecoin it would have no value.

To it differently, you cannot trust Spectrecoin because its creators are making impossible and questionable claims. For instance, Spectrecoin claims to be stealth but has a list of addresses that can be stolen and traced.

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How an Emerging Markets Currency Crisis will Cause Coin Prices to Explode

A fast-moving emerging markets crisis can greatly increase demand for cryptocurrencies. Altcoin prices could shoot up as residents of crisis nations seek safe havens for their money.

Cryptocurrency is the easiest and fastest way for Argentines, Turks, Venezuelans, and others to move their money out of country. All a person needs to convert funds to altcoins is a credit card and an internet connection. Anybody can download a digital wallet, and buy cryptocurrency in a few seconds.

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Venezuela backs Fiat Currency with Cryptocurrency

The last thing our world needs is a cryptocurrency plutocracy. Disturbingly, Venezeula is apparently such an altcoin aristocracy now.
We need to watch Venezuela carefully because cryptocurrency is the future of currency. Those who control it may gain means to dominate the economy and the political system.
A grave danger to national sovereignty is digital nations based on encryption and cryptocurrency. Telegram founders Pavel and Nikolai Durov are trying to build such a nation with their TON ICO, Bloomberg View’s Leonid Bershidsky observed.
Hopefully that nation will not become a cryptocurrency plutocracy that will dominate national economies. The Durovs hope their technology will enhance human freedom. Unfortunately, Venezuela shows that cryptocurrency can become a tool of oppression.

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