Some Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

The biggest cryptocurrency event in 2018 will be the appearance of a government-issued cryptocurrency or a government ICO. There are plans for government ICOs in Venezuela and Estonia.

The Estonian effort is the most serious right now, but specifics on it are light. The Estonian ICO would have major effects because the Baltic Nation is part of the European Union and the Eurozone.

Expect the Ethereum Coin Price to shoot up if Estonia releases a cryptocurrency and the EU doesn’t try to kill it. There will be major speculative bubbles around both Ether and Estcoin if there is an Estonian ICO.

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What is Driving Ethereum’s Coin Price through the roof?

The growth in UnikoinGold indicates that gambling might be driving Ethereum’s growth. If ERC20 becomes the protocol of choice for blockchain casinos, Ether’s Coin Price might skyrocket.

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Why Ethereum’s Coin Price may never Match Bitcoin’s

Under these conditions, a rising Ethereum Coin Price might drive down prices in the long run. The Coin Price would go down because miners rushing to cash in on the high prices would flood the market with new Ethereum, and drive the price back down. This is likely to happen soon, because Ethereum’s Coin Price reached $672.03 on December 14, 2017.

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