Can Etsy Make Money from Depop and other weird stuff?

Recode’s Rebecca Heilweil speculates Etsy’s management is trying to market to Generation Z (people under 30) through Depop. Statistics support Heilweil’s argument, Statista estimates 48.8% of Depop’s US active users are between 20 and 29.

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Can Etsy Survive the Age of Amazon?

Etsy has proved it is incapable of making money and demonstrated that online companies can fall into a familiar retail trap.

The trap is the old one of ever-increasing sales that generate no real money. Dozens of retailers; ranging from Whole Foods to Rite Aid to, have fallen into over the years. The only way a company can profit from this trap is to sell itself to a larger retailer or private equity organization in search of market share or other resources.

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Is Etsy Making Money?

Such numbers might be fine for a pre-IPO unicorn, but they’re horrible for a publically traded company. To me at least Etsy looks like a circa 1999 company that is ready to go crash. All it would take is one negative earnings report or some really bad news to send Etsy spinning into the death spiral.

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