Is Basic Income Good for Mental Health

There are no simple solutions for mental illness but basic income would certainly eliminate some of its causes. It would certainly be a cheaper, more efficient, and more humane way of dealing with the problem than drugging people, “psychotherapy,” or forced hospitalizations.

• Basic income would stimulate the economy by putting cash in the hands of average people that would actually spend it.

• Basic income will reach groups left out of our economy including working-class women, rural whites, the mentally ill, African Americas, young people, children, and the elderly.

• Basic income can alleviate some of the causes of mental illness including the stress and anxiety produced by the modern economy.

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Good and Bad Basic Income

Something to remember is that a hungry man has every incentive to kill, pluck, and cook the goose that lays the golden eggs.
America is full of hungry people who are getting little or nothing from the current economic order.
They have no reason to preserve it, and every incentive to vote for extremists that would wreck our economy.

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