How Cryptocurrency might Fight Income Inequality

Therefore, paper money is a cause of Income Inequality. That inequality is getting worse because America now has two economies.
We have a high-speed digital economy for the rich, big business, and increasingly the middle class. Then there is a slow-speed paper economy for the poor.

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A New Agenda for America

The idea behind this agenda is a simple one to create an economy that shares the benefits of capitalism with all Americans. If we do not do the hard work necessary to build such an economy, America will face serious political and social unrest.

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Cash and Credit Cards are dying and the Fed is Clueless

What will take to force the Fed to crack down on payment apps? The theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from average Americans through a security breach in Apple or Google Pay?

Contrary to popular belief, money can be created without a government mandate. Any medium of exchange that citizens accept can function as money and create all the problems that money can such as inflation.

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