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Google Wallet


Benefits of Electronic Payments

One of most notable feature of PayPal service is that it doesn’t provide as merchants online gambling websites, sports betting services. Also this payment option doesn’t have VIP program and Skrill has one. Among other differences it worth mentioning that Skrill offers 1 account per user and PayPal – 2, one for personal use and second one for business matters.

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Long Ideas

Retailers Still Not Accepting Apple Pay

A look at Apple Pay’s website indicates that most of the retail outlets taking the payment app are specialty stores and smaller regional chains. From the looks of it, Apple is still having a very hard time getting retailers to adopt its payment solution.

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My Thoughts

Argentina Shows Just How Disruptive Bitcoin Could Be

It looks as if bitcoin could have a future in the real world, and that could be the most disruptive development yet. We may need to completely rethink our concept of money and our ideas of economics because of it.

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