How valuable is Your Time at HorusPay?

Theoretically, HorusPay could pay people serving in areas with no banks or access to a sound currency. For instance, aid workers or journalists in the Middle East.

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A Plunge into HorusPay (HORUS) a Payroll Cryptocurrency for EOS

HorusPay is built with the EOS blockchain which is not compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. However, HorusPay (HORUS) is part of the Bancor on EOS network.

Bancor on EOS is designed to allow fast conversation between EOS and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies with the BancorX protocol. Thus it is possible to convert HorusPay (HORUS) into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Request for Comments (ERC) tokens.

Unfortunately, there is apparently no fast means of converting HorusPay (HORUS) into Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), or fiat currencies. Notably, I could not find HorusPay in CoinSwitch cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.

The CoinSwitch aggregator is a protocol that allows users to trade on a wide variety of exchanges without an account. Thus, CoinSwitch offers trading in over 300 cryptocurrencies and over 45,000 potential pairs of cryptocurrencies.

However, CoinSwitch offers trading in EOS (EOS) and Bancor (BNT). Thus you could convert HorusPay (HORUS) into Bancor or EOS and trade those coins through CoinSwitch. On the other hand, that process is cumbersome and limited.

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