Government can end the Housing Crisis by buying Homes

New York City could eliminate homelessness by buying a third of those vacant apartments and making them available to the poor. Interestingly, the solution will be cheaper than housing vouchers, shelters, and “public housing.”

Cities can create large numbers of steady high-paying construction jobs with constant housing construction.

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America’s Destructive Housing Crisis

The housing shortage is likely to become an issue that will reshape the political landscape. That’s already happened in the United Kingdom, where observers think far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister in the near fut

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Steps the Federal Government can take to alleviate the Housing Crisis

Some parts of the United States, such as California, are now facing a serious housing shortage that threatens the economy.
Economic growth in the Golden State will slow in coming years economists, at the University of California (UC) at Riverside and UCLA concluded. Job growth in California will slow to 1.7% in 2017 and 1.1% in 2018 largely because of high-housing costs; a report from UC Riverside forecast, California’s job creation rate was 2% in 2016.

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