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How Amazon (AMZN) makes more money than Target

The Death Spiral

Can Amazon Save the Simon Property Group from Oblivion?

Brookfield, another mall operator, and Simon need JC Penney operating to collect enough rent to stay in business, retail consultant Soozan Baxter claims. Simon owns 63 JC Penney stores and Brookfield owns 99 JC Penney locations.

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Market Insanity

Amazon (AMZN) has $41.25 Billion in Cash

Consequently, Amazon could buy Target, Macy’s, Dollar General, or Kroger for cash.
In fact, Jeff Bezos could buy both Dollar General and Macy’s or Kroger and Dollar General at once. Bezos can make such a purchase because Amazon (AMZN) has $41.25 billion in cash.

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