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How I think a Basic Income Hack should work

My Thoughts

A Basic Income Hack to Fix the Economy

Capitalism’s greatest challenge is that many people are not profiting from it. The basic income hack can change that by enabling most people to profit from capitalism.

A basic income hack is necessary if capitalism is to survive. I think capitalism is doomed, without radical solutions like the basic income hack.

Additionally, the average person’s method of accumulating wealth; jobs, is disappearing. To demonstrate, Amazon will hire 20,000 fewer temporary workers at its fulfillment centers for the 2018 holiday season Citi Analyst Mark May claims.

Amazon hired 120,000 temporary workers for the 2016 and 2017 holiday seasons, May tells CNBC. However, the Everything Store only plans to hire 100,000 temporary workers this year.

Amazon no longer needs those workers because of robots and automated systems in its fulfillment centers, May theorizes. Notably, 2018 will be the first year Amazon will hire fewer people for the holiday shopping frenzy.

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