What Value Does the Beyond Protocol Have?

The hope is that the Beyond Protocol’s blockchain will make IoT devices more resistant to hacking. Interestingly, the Beyond team claims they could endow devices with unique fingerprints.

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Defining IoT – Various Approaches

IoT devices need to be managed and that’s where IoT remote control kicks in: in enables configuration, onboarding, and overall management of IoT devices. This type of management can be done using proprietary vendor solutions or cloud platforms. Device management is one of the key components of such a platform.

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What Is The Next Big Cryptocurrency?

For example, if Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become a thing soon, and there are some indications that this will be the case, IOTA might become much more valuable and in demand than it is right now. Just imagine what would happen if suddenly everyone wanted to install the IoT system in their homes. They would need technology to power it, and perhaps there wouldn’t be a better choice than what the IOTA platform offers.

This was just one of the countless examples. If you wish to find out more, check out the infographic below and learn about the top 25 cryptocurrencies and the industries they are supposed to disrupt. Perhaps it could help you realize what is the next big cryptocurrency and invest in it.

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Is Rivetz a Good Investment?

Rivetz (RVT) is sort of the equivalent of venture capital with one very interesting difference. Investors simply get the token, which has no value in itself, and no ownership in the company.

Rivetz (RVT) is an ERC20 protocol (Ethereum-based) token that is compatible with Bancor (BNT) and part of the Bancor Network or liquidity. That gives it a little value as a cryptocurrency; it had a Coin Price of 0.00044 in Ethereum (ETH) on May 7, 2018, but no value as an investment.

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