Why is Fiat-Chrysler Merging with Peugeot?

An obvious reason for the merger is to give the PSA Group access to North American markets. PSA concentrates its operations in Europe. Another goal of the merger is to give PSA access to Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep’s popular pickup trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicl

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Fiat-Chrysler has more value than you think

For instance, Jeep sold 973,227 vehicles in the United States in 2018, up from 828,522 in 2017, FCAUAuthority estimates. Meanwhile, Chrysler sold 536,980 Ram pickups in the USA in 2018 and 500,723 pickups in the USA in 2017, Caresalesbase estimates.

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Is Fiat-Chrysler Making Money?

Jeep is planning to bring out a plug-in hybrid version of its iconic Wrangler in 2020, The Free Press reported. The Wrangler is the basic four-wheel-drive Jeep modeled on the iconic off-road vehicle that served America’s military in three wars.

The Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) alliance is vital to Chrysler’s future, because it provides access to autonomous vehicle technology, data, and expertise, without a lot of risks. Another alliance that Fiat Chrysler should seriously consider is one with Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) which has vast amounts of expertise in electric and autonomous vehicle technology.

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