How Does Target Survive in the Age of Amazon?

One of the few ways, Target can fight Amazon is to recruit allies. Predictably, Target is partnering with Disney (NYSE: DIS) for an anti-Amazon offensive.

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Is Yum! Brands Making Money?

Interestingly, Yum! Brand limits its vulnerability to China with Chinese operations owned by a separate company. However, Yum! Brands has staked its reputation on China.

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Will Trade War Destroy Alibaba?

A possibility that all investors need to consider is that Trump, Xi, and possibly Ma are putting on a show for the media. Their conflict might be a “work” one of the acts professional wrestlers put on to generate audience interest. Most wrestling works involve creating a fake conflict to add drama to a match.

Remember, Trump has had some experience with wrestling; he appeared in WWE about a decade ago. The Donald even had a fake match involving Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin. For this reason, I think the “trade war” is fake news.

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