Will Artificial Intelligence and Robots Pay Off for Walmart?

“The focus will be on learning from the technology and not implementing changes to operations in haste,” Walmart writes of the IRL. Thus, Walmart is committing to AI for the long-haul.

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Walmart is Growing but is it Making Money?

Mr. Market certainly noticed that growth, Walmart’s stock price shot up from $90.26 on November 8 to $96.40 on November 22, 2017. If Walmart has a good Black Friday that price will exceed $100 a share by December 1.

Now for the astounding news, Walmart’s revenues will clear a half a trillion dollars sometime next year if the current growth rate continues. Walmart reported $495.10 billion in revenues for October 31, 2017, up from $490.01 billion in July 2017.

If that performance is repeated in the next quarter; Walmart will report around $500 billion or half a trillion dollars in revenue early in 2018. History seems to support this conclusion; Walmart’s revenue has been growing for the past seven quarters. It has posted growth for every quarter since January 2016.

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Walmart keeps Growing and What’s Wrong at Amazon

A possible glimpse of Walmart’s future is provided by America’s second largest grocer Kroger. The situation at Kroger should certainly give WMT investors pause.

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Will Walmart Overcome Amazon?

The ecommerce growth is impressive but it is not cheap. The latest earnings report; that from April 30, 2017, indicates Walmart paid for the ecommerce growth with its net income.

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Are the Bears Right – is Walmart Doomed or Turning Around?

The assets verify something I’ve been saying for a while and will say again: Walmart has far more value than Mr. Market is giving it credit for. The problem is that much of that value takes the form of attributes Mr. Market cannot see; such as the retailer’s sheer size, its’ technology and its’ logistical capabilities.

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Has Walmart really turned Around?

The only bright spot here is that Amazon does not appear to be taking business from Walmart. Instead it appears that Amazon’s growth is coming at the expense of more upscale retailers such as Target and department stores like Macy’s (NYSE: M). Macy’s sales are so bad that chain is planning to close around 100 stores this year.

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