Meet the first Basic Income/Luddite Presidential Candidate

Yang comes across as a kinder and gentler Generation X version of Trump.
Yang might be the breakout Democratic candidate of 2020. Even if he does not win, Yang is certainly in a position to disrupt the Democratic primaries and possibly knock out some serious mainstream contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) or U.S. Senators Kamal Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).
. Like Donald J. Trump, Andrew Yang is a sophisticated but improbable candidate that has a strong chance of reaching the White House.

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Technological Unemployment Jobs Apocalypse is here

“One of the great benefits is there is no overtime, EVER!” Hiberbotics’ website tells potential customers. “Work them as many hours a week as you want and you will always pay the same hourly rate regardless of how long the days get.”

“Also, unlike traditional workers which tend to slow down the longer, they work (here’s some research) the robots never slow down, no matter how long they work,” Hirebotics exclaims. “They also don’t need breaks to go to the bathroom.”

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Technological Unemployment Makes the Jobs Apocalypse Worse

The jobs apocalypse is about to get far worse because the machines have figured out how to learn. We had better get ready because AIs like Libratus will soon destroy hundreds of not thousands of highly paying jobs.

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