Trump and Biden’s Gigantic Marketing Mistake

Both presidential candidates refuse to go on podcasts. Yet podcasting is one of the fastest-growing media segments.

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Will Joe Rogan add Value to Spotify (NYSE: SPOT)?

Joe Rogan is good for Spotify Technology SA (NYSE: SPOT) stock. Mr. Market paid $158.83 on 15 May 2020 before they announced the Rogan deal on 19 May 2020.

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Did the AI Joe Rogan Pass the Turing Test?

The Rogan AI apparently runs on Foundations, Dessa’s commercial AI platform. Significantly, Dessa is selling Foundations to business.

Foundations will serve as a platform and operating system for AI to operate on. Thus, a good way to think of Foundations is as a “Windows for artificial intelligence.” Remember, Windows took software to the masses by offering an easy to use operating system.

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