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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Five Things You Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence

Instead, almost everything labeled AI these days is merely better data processing. For example, in robotic process automation digital algorithms perform a function such trading stocks repeatedly. They call it robotic because a digital robot does the work. However, a digital robot merely mimics a human action without thinking.

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Technology could Prevent Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression

It would be possible to build a highly-secure blockhain based voting system for the entire United States right now. Such a system would it make possible for any citizen to vote online or over the phone. It would also be easy to set up simple touch-screen voting machines connected to the system all over the nation.

It would be possible to vote through highly-encrypted smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and the various Android products right now. That way any American would be able to vote from anywhere in the world with wireless service, at any time.

Using such technology it would be easy to take elections and voter registration out of the hands of local officials that are more likely to be corrupt or engage in voter suppression. Instead, a nationwide voting system can be set up to ensure that right to all Americans.

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Amidst Swift Token Distribution Campaign MicroMoney Builds Strategic Partnerships with Blockchain Market Leaders

Indeed, we are currently adding more and more of partners on board, which should help make our token campaign stronger and our unique product itself. Just days ago we agreed on working together with Celsius Network, which is a decentralized credit lending platform.  This will allow us to expand the reach of cryptocurrency loans to customers in Asia and in other regions. We both use the global Ethereum blockchain technology and we will work together to develop and standardize the protocols on top of which all monetary transactions are processed on the blockchain open-ledger system.

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