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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Mark Zuckerberg

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Zuckerberg backs Basic Income

“We should have a society that measures progress not just by economic metrics like GDP, but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful,” the billionaire said. “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things.”

“We’re going to change jobs many times, so we need affordable childcare to get to work and healthcare that aren’t tied to one company,” Zuckerberg said. “We’re all going to make mistakes, so we need a society that focuses less on locking us up or stigmatizing us. And as technology keeps changing, we need to focus more on continuous education throughout our lives.”

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Facebook’s Problems should Investors be Afraid?

History shows us that new technology is often used as a scapegoat for political failures. It also gives Zuckerberg reason to worry and act; and act he is by launching an effort to purge Facebook of fake news stories. Those stories give Facebook’s critics some circumstantial evidence to justify their attacks on free speech.

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Facebook Just Got Better

Alphabet and Facebook are showing that they are ahead of the curve; value investors should take notice. Smart investors would be well advised to keep abreast of these developments and add these two wonderful companies to their portfolios.

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