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MoneyGram International (NASDAQ: MGI)


Major Bank Santander rolls out Ripple App

It is not clear if the Santander App will be integrated with the Amex experiment. Ripple and wire-transfer service MoneyGram International (NASDAQ: MGI) are testing currency transfers, Fortune reported. It is not clear if Santander will be part of that experiment either. News stories have not said if Santander or American Express is planning a Ripple Amex Cards. Such a card would be a logical next step.

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The Strange Relationship between Apple Pay and Western Union

The growth is driven by millennials who are more likely to use digital payment solutions such as Venmo and less likely to have traditional bank accounts or credit cards. These people can get through their days with electronic solutions and cash but still need to receive funds from home and send the occasional money order.

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Is MoneyGram a Good Investment for Ant or You?

All this makes MoneyGram a very questionable investment because it does not generate that much cash or float for a financial services company. One reason for that is that it does not lend money and serves mostly working class customers.

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Airbnb is in the Tax Collection Business

The popular home-sharing platform has agreed to start collecting resort or hotel-room taxes on behalf of Miami-Dade County, The South Florida Business Journal reported. The agreement will net Miami-Dade County around $8 million in new tax rental each year.

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