Apple Pay Coming to Saudi Arabia, is Apple Pay Cash in Europe?

Interestingly, MADA is already supporting Google Pay, Asharq Al-Awsat claims. Saudi adoption of Apple Pay is important because Saudi Arabia will be the first large Middle Eastern country to adopt the service.

Markedly, Saudi Arabia will be the first large Islamic nation to adopt Apple Pay. Availability in Saudi Arabia is great advertising for Apple Pay because of all the Moslems that visit the kingdom for the Haj every year.

Statista estimates that 2.4 million Haj pilgrims visited Mecca in 2018. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is a great place to launch Apple Pay in the Moslem world.

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How Cryptocurrency is changing the World

Cryptocurrency will emerge from the correction stronger than ever and with a greater power to disrupt. Those who expect the market correction to be the end of cryptocurrency will be sadly mistaken.

Cryptocurrencies and smartphones give middle and working class people the ability to create alternative digital economies.

Those economies function outside of the government paper economy. Such economies are developing in Venezuela, Colombia, and Africa. A long-term effect will be to give citizens the ability to ignore government economic policies and potentially central banks.

It is already possible to evade currency controls, price controls, devaluation, and other economic policies at the touch of an app. Uphold claims you can transfer funds through cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and gold through its Android and Apple apps.

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