A Nebeus Crypto Card can be used to manage and handle all of your digital assets from a single source. It can seamlessly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency, can be topped up with all major cryptocurrencies without incurring any transaction fees, and it can be used in stores, online, and with ATMs.

However, the distinctive advantage of using a Nebeus Crypto Card is that NBTK (Nebeus Token) holders don’t have to pay a monthly fee for them, and they receive a 2-3% cashback for all their purchases in the form of Nebeus tokens.

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Lending Club is Junk

Lending Club has gotten to the point where it is losing money by just staying in its business. What might be worse is that Lending Club is losing money from financing, it reported a cash from financing figure of $-461.20 on September 30, 2017. That indicates the company might be losing money from its lending operations, which are its only business.

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King of Disruptors joins CryptoBank Nebeus

“I am excited to help guide Nebeus as it rapidly evolves past its live lending businesses into a crypto financial services supermarket platform, and augments this platform by launching its own bank on it,” Brett King said.

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