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No Bureaucracy Needed


Progressive Basic Income vs Income Inequality

A Progressive Basic Income would create economic activity without expanding bureaucracy or increasing government spending.
The money would go to average Americans not to bureaucrats, politicians, and government contractors. They would spend the money in America’s communities not in Washington or Wall Street.
A $500 a month basic income would give the Amazon worker making $28,446 a year, a $6,000 annual boost income. That would raise his or her pay to $34,446 a year.
A married couple that worked at Amazon would receive $12,000 which will raise their annual income to $68,842. That would put them well over the National Median Income of $59,095.
An Amazon fulfillment couple with a child would receive $18,000 a year, raising their income to $74,842, a year. Married fulfillment workers with two children would receive $24,000 a year raising their income to $80,892 a year.

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