Trump is Right about Nuclear Option, Too Bad Nobody will listen

The “Nuclear Option” Donald is asking for here is actually very reasonable. He simply wants the U.S. Senate to adopt the same rules for passing legislation that almost every national legislature on Earth uses.
The “Nuclear Option” threatens neither democracy nor the constitution. It would simply put the Senate on the same operating rules as the U.S. House of Representatives and foreign bodies like the British, Canadian, Australian, and Indian parliaments. Senators would actually be able to get something done and implement long-term solutions.

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Kill the Filibuster something Trump and Progressives should agree on

The filibuster is the reason we do not have single-payer healthcare or greatly expanded Medicare right now.

Democrats wanted to implement a true national health insurance system instead of Obamacare, Franken wrote. They were unable to because they lacked 60 votes. Instead, they had to implement Obamacare; even though Democrats held 57 Senate seats back in 2010. Democrats had enough votes to create “Medicare for All” in 2010 – if there had been no filibuster.

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What will Obama Do?

Keep a close eye on Obama folks, he’s fairly young and he wants to leave more of a legacy than a library. The logical place to do that is the U.S. Supreme Court, and Republicans have just made it a lot easier for him to achieve that goal.

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