Is Intel (INTC) a value investment?

Both Intel and NVIDIA (NVDA) build scalable processors. Yet Intel makes more money than NVIDIA. For instance, NVIDIA reported $5.003 billion in quarterly revenues on 31 January 2021. In contrast, Intel reported $19.978 in quarterly revenues on 31 December 2020.

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Is AMD making money from Gaming?

I think AMD’s revenue growth supports my thesis that increased gaming and work-from-home drives processor sales.

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Stocks to Invest in to Profit from Autonomous Vehicles

In addition, Avis Budget is a big player in the short-term rental market through its Zipcar subsidiary. I think short-term rentals will be one of the biggest uses for autonomous vehicles.

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How Much Money is NVIDIA Making?

Plus, NVIDIA is trying to expand its cloud business by buying Ethernet and Interconnect solutions provider Mellanox Technologies for $6.9 billion, CRN reports. Mellanox powers the cloud by making the Ethernet more scalable and efficient.

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NVIDIA is Making Less Money is it still a Value Investment

Consequently, NVIDIA’s revenues fell from $3.207 billion in April 2018 to $2.22 billion in April 2019. Thus, NVIDIA’s revenues shrank by nearly one billion dollars in a year. Notably, Stockrow estimates NVIDIA’s revenue growth rate fell by 30.78%; or nearly one-third, in the quarter ending on 29 April 2019.

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Value Investing in Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Self-Driving Vehicles at NVIDIA Corp (NVDA)

To explain, NVIDIA is not investing all the money and resources needed to commercialize pieces of a complex technology like automobiles, drones, and robots. Instead, NVIDIA is building the basic components; the processors and supercomputers and selling them to manufacturers.

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Tesla Autopilot could Navigate Interchanges

Musk claims Tesla will release “the world’s most advanced computer for autonomous driving” in six months.

Moreover, Tesla is developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) chips to compete with those of NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), Electrek claims. Therefore, Tesla plans to enter the chip business.

In addition, Tesla hired one of the biggest chip architects in the business; Jim Keller, in 2018. Hence, Tesla’s value could increase because NVIDIA is one of the most profitable companies in Silicon Valley.

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NAMPOF an Alternative to Fang Stocks

You can think the NAMPOF of as a FANG for value investors. Holdings in NAMPOF are more diversified than FANG and some of them generate dividend income.

It diversifies NAMPOF because NVIDIA and Apple are hardware makers and PayPal is in finance. FANG scares me because it is almost all software based. Something I dislike about FANG is the lack of a financial stock.

Containing six stocks further diversifies. Four NAMPOF stocks; Apple, NVIDIA, Oracle, and Microsoft, are proven moneymakers.

I consider PayPal and Facebook speculative because they base their businesses on growth. However, both companies have showed the capability to generate vast amounts of cash.

I designed the NAMPOF to offer a little more than safety and income than FANG at a comparable rate of growth.

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Daimler, Bosch and NVIDIA team up for Robot Taxi

Predictably, up to 25 companies signed onto NVIDIA’s robot taxi effort, a press release indicates. The organizations in NVIDIA’s driverless taxi effort range from startups like NuTonomy and Yandex to the world’s oldest automaker; Daimler, and Volkswagen (ETR: VOW3) one of the world’s largest automakers.

The market for driverless taxis will be huge if Bosch, Daimler, and NVIDIA can get them to work. Even if regulators refuse to allow robot taxis on the streets, the technology will have many other uses.

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Is Waymo Worth $175 billion?

Such valuations definitely justify Waymo’s business plan of providing the operating systems for other companies’ autonomous vehicles. That includes Peterbilt semi-tractors in Atlanta, Chrysler Pacific Minivans in Phoenix, and Jaguar IPaces in Arizona.
A huge advantage is to this plan is that the manufacturing is left to the companies that specialize in it. A great benefit is that Chrysler Fiat (NYSE: FCAU), Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM), and PACCAR (NASDAQ: PCAR) take many of the risks. Tata owns Jaguar and Peterbilt is a PACCAR subsidiary.
Waymo avoids the expense of building a factory and setting up dealerships, and all the trouble of dealing with the United Auto Workers (UAW). Companies with existing factories, supply chains, dealerships and union contracts take the risks.

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