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Pandora (NYSE: P)

The Death Spiral

Companies that Might Disappear in 2017

With the great retail die off heating off, many investors are wondering what companies will disappear next. Here is a list of companies in several industries that might vanish over the next year or so.

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Is Money Losing Pandora for Sale?

Given these realities it is hard to see how digital audio providers can survive as independent companies. Sooner or later Pandora will have to be acquired by somebody just to stay in business.

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Big News, Snapchat & Hulu change Digital Entertainment while Unions Back Republican

In a related move Hulu is planning to pull the plug on its free streaming service, Variety reported. Instead the service owned by a consortium of Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), Comcast and 21st Century Fox will only offer $7.99 and $11.99 monthly subscriptions.

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The Death Spiral

Can Rush Limbaugh’s New Contract Save iHeart Media?

At the end of the day, Rush and iHeart need each other desperately. iHeart is the only entity out there that can provide the kind of nationwide platform Rush needs to reach his audience. Nobody not even Sirius; nor CBS Radio (NYSE: CBS), has the reach of iHeart into the American heartland.

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