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Passengers will Probably Ride in HyperloopTT Pasenger Pod in 2020


First Hyperloop Passenger Pod Planned for Next Year

Uniquely, the Quintero One will be propelled down the tubes by passive Maglev or magnetic levitation. Other features include embedded rechargeable batteries, and a linear induction motor.

Therefore, the Quintero One employs electromagnetic propulsion. As a result it runs on a frictionless magnetic cushion inside a giant tube. If the system works as advertised it will be silent and emission free.

HyperloopTT claims its stations will serve 3,600 passengers an hour. HyperloopTT is planning a system that can move 164,000 passengers a day when it is working at maximum efficiency. Interestingly, the same system will move up to 4,000 cargo shipments a day.

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