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PayPal is Generating a lot of Cash


The Power of PayPal (PYPL)

Nor is just PayPal, Umar wants to let Ant Financial’s Alipay into Pakistan, The Express Tribune reports. It is easy to see why Umar is so eager to let PayPal into Pakistan. The finance minister wants to make it easier for money to enter his country through resources like PayPal.

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PayPal’s Money Machine Keeps a Humming

The volume of Venmo payments increased by 86% during 2017, rising from $6.8 billion in 1st Quarter to $10.4 billion in 4th Quarter, Statisa reported. If those figures are accurate, Venmo’s payment volume increased by $3.6 billion during 2017.
These figures indicate that PayPal might be the most successful payment solution in the world. It might also be creating a Fintech network that will one day rival those of Visa (NYSE: VA) and MasterCard (NYSE: MA).

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