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Apple Pay can be hacked

It is possible for hackers to steal the Apple Pay “payment token” using public Wi-Fi or a fake Wi-Fi hotspot that asks users to create a profile. In other they can crack Apple Pay by using a time tested hacking tactic called Wardriving.

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Amazon Unveils its Answer to Apple Pay

The most likely reason why Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is offering Pay Places is to enable the use of Amazon Pay at Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFC). Since Amazon is trying to buy Whole foods that sounds logical.

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Chase buys CurrentC

Chase apparently plans to fold Current C into its digital wallet Chase Pay, Business Insider reported. Chase Pay is accepted only at Starbucks and Best Buy right now, but Walmart has plans to start taking it sometime this year. That will give Chase an advantage over Apple Pay and Android Pay, which Walmart refuses to take.

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Chase Pay is Available

There are also plans to roll out Chase Pay at Walmart, Phillips 66 gas stations, Conoco filling stations, Shoprite and The Fresh Grocer supermarkets and Shell convenience stores within the next year or so. Chase and Walmart made a big deal of the availability through Walmart Pay a while back so that is probably a done deal.

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