Can the Monster Banks Survive the Age of Trump?

A major problem is that revenues at JPMorgan and Bank of America are well below their historic highs. JPMorgan reported revenues of $99.13 billion back in June 2013; Citi reported revenues of $77.40 billion as recently as September 2014, and BOA’s revenues hit a high of $97.59 billion in June 2012.

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The Open Sourced War against Trump Begins

The insurgency against Trump is far larger and far more widespread than the media or the political class realize.

The media and the political elite are grossly underestimating the size and depth of the anti-Trump insurgency.

The media; and the professional political class, are also underestimating the intensity and ferocity of the rage against Trump on the streets.

The media and political leaders are completely out of touch with popular opinion. Note: the same people who did not see the Trump phenomenon developing last year are not seeing the anti-Trump movement coming this year.

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