The Dark Side of Low Technology Utopias

The worst aspect of low tech utopianism is that like most idealists, its practitioners ignore human nature. Like the Communists and Libertarians the low-techers accept the delusion that human weakness can be overcome by simple idealism.

Set in a low-tech 19th Century environment most Americans would behave like Jefferson Davis; the slaving-owning Confederate President, not Thoreau. After all life on the veranda; sipping a mint julip, is far more comfortable than life in the fields.

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Law and Order will not Help Trump

Law and order is Hillary’s strongest issue. She has been harping on it for months under the cover of gun control. There’s a reason why Hillary has been emphasizing gun control for months; the issue allows her to be tough on crime without being seen as hostile to African Americans, whose votes she needs. Another Reason for Clinton’s anti-gun crusade is to distract voters particularly soccer moms; Hillary’s core constituency, from the lousy economy. Strangely enough; Hillary agrees with VerBruggen’s belief that it is time for a law and order campaign, for she is already running one.

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