Does the American Left Hate Russia, and is that the Real Motivation for “Russia Gate?”

Russia Gate and the new Cold War are simply the latest examples of a long-standing hatred of Russia by the American Left and its allies in the media.

Many American leftists still believe in Communism and Marxism. Some of them undoubtedly view the Russian people; and ex-Communists like Putin, as apostates and traitors that must be punished for their heresy. Something to remember here is that Communism is a religion, like all religions it is inherently irrational and emotional. Emotion-motivated true believers like American Communists never let facts get in the way of their hatred.

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Why is the Media Ignoring Affluent Trump supporters

“the actual bulk of Trump support is the same old professional, petty bourgeois, and ultra-wealthy capitalists who have been voting Republican for generations,”

My guess is that the elite and the media from the current status quo want to preserve it all costs. Their naïve belief is that simply getting rid of Trump will somehow return America to the good old days the 1990s, when average people mindlessly supported their pet politicians.

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